Sports Center and Garden Bed

🏀 Sports Center - MM

It’s great having dedicated closet space for all the sports stuff, but everything was just piled in there… It was a mess. So I picked up some shelves a little tool chest to hold wires and small bits and now… I mean, JUST LOOK AT IT!!!

💐 Finished Garden Bed - CM

I managed to finish our raised bed this week. I had to make a run to the lumber yard to pick up a few more boards, and then was able to power through.

It was quite a bit of shoveling... I had to move dirt from the area in order to frame the beds and lay in the garden fabric, then move the dirt back into the bed. The end result is a little uneven and there's a janky bit inside the "u," but it's ready for planting, which is the most important thing.


BONUS IMPROVEMENT: Reader Josh sent in a hot tip! He bought this flamethrower (“propane weed torch”) for weeds which is designed to burn anything that grows in between your bricks or whatever. This is a great way to make chores fun! What kid wouldn’t want to torch weeds!?!

Flame King YSNPQ810CGA Propane Torch Weed Burner with Integrated Lighter $23.99 on Amazon