Small Whisks and a Reading Nook

👨‍🍳 Small Whisks - CM

Reader Alan Cassinelli recommended a set of small whisks. They're perfect for mixing small amounts of sauces like the ones we get in our meal kits and our daughter loves using them in her play kitchen. Thanks for the recommendation, Alan!

📚 Reading Corner - MM

I took over an entire room in Kathryn’s house when I moved in during the pandemic. It’s awesome… I have a massive desk, walls of books, and… no where to sit and read. I was going to wait until I got a real chair and maybe a little rug but I was pretty lazy this week and didn’t do anything other than move some furniture around and create a little reading nook (took some outdoor furniture and stole a pillow from the couch). It’s comfortable, and I’m reading more!

I think it’s nice, and maybe even important, to have a specific place for reading.

It’s a little bare bones, but it works. BONUS: Pic of Georgie!