New Shelves and Old Screws

🔨 New Shelves - CM

We’ve overlooked the space available on our walls for a quite a while. We took advantage of the space with some shelves so now we have a place for games that is out of reach of tiny hands. That’s important for games like Ticket to Ride that have lots of small pieces that should remain organized.

🪛 Missing Screw - MM

Kathryn bought an outdoor couch almost a year ago and one of the hex screws to attach the side to the base and back was too loose. My idea was to use a wood screw and about four months later I went to Home Depot and bought a few to make sure one would work and finally today I screwed it in.

This was the smallest chore in the world and I have no idea why I procrastinated so long. In fact, I waited so long that Kathryn doesn’t even like this couch any more and wants to get rid of it. But at least I fixed it, even if I did totally strip the screw head out while getting it in there.