New Desk Setup and a Butter Dish

🖥️ New Desk Setup - MM

I’m still not remembering to take before pics but I got a pole mount and adjustable arm for my giant ass monitor and organized all my cords with wire loom. It’s amazing!

The whole thing is about four inches higher than beforeand my laptop sits on a perforated stand for better ventilation. Plus I stuffed my external hard drive and charging junk under the laptop. Because the monitor is on a swinging arm I shifted it over to the right giving me a large amount of open desk space.

I’m this close to posting to r/battlestations.

🧈 Butter Dish - CM

We don’t use a lot of butter in our household, so a butter dish didn’t seem like a necessity. However, after years of using a small plate and bowl as an improvised dish and cover, we got fed up. I bought one of these OXO butter dishes, and it’s perfect.

  • It’s small—just a bit larger than a regular, U.S. stick of butter (did you know the default size elsewhere  is different?).

  • It’s cheap—$10. And it includes subtle markings for measuring.

We still don’t use a ton of butter—the half-sticks are great for us—but when we do, it’s so much nicer to have it at room temperature compared to shaving pieces off of butter straight from the fridge.