Home Servers and Rebuilding Beds

🖥️ Home Server - MM

I bought a Mac Mini after we switched to a fiber connection and set up a Plex server. Oh my god the speed is SO FAST! It’s nice to have control over home media! The mini is Kathryn’s office but I set up screen sharing so I can log in. I’m also trying to use this as a chance to get more familiar using Terminal to navigate and manage files. It’s weirdly not easy. I couldn’t figure out how to get into a folder because it had a space in it.

👨‍🌾 Rebuilding Raised Beds - CM

Our raised beds, which were here when we bought our house, are falling apart. I'm rebuilding them with cedar planks, which should last quite a while. I'm also re-shaping them. The new U-shape won't have as much area, but all of the soil will be more easily reachable without having to walk inside the beds. The process involves a lot of dirt moving and will take a couple of weekends to finish up.

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