Food Chopper and Shelf Backing

🔪 Food Processor - MM

We have a Vitamix, which blends up everything, but also… is SO HARD TO GET STUFF OUT OF. After a few months at Kathryn’s parents house I fell in love with their 80’s era little food processor and bought the small one recommended by Wirecutter. It’s FANTASTIC.

I hate kitchen gadgets, but I love this “Food Chopper” as KitchenAid calls it. This is an important lesson is getting the right tool for the job.

👶 Shelf Backing - CM

We have a standard two-by-four Expedit shelf (now Kallax) from IKEA that holds books and toys for our daughter. It's nice to have her things on her level, but she has a tendency to push stuff through the back where it's hard to reach.

So we wrapped some fabric around a piece of plywood and screwed it on to the back. Using fabric was easier than painting because we didn't have to wait for anything to dry, and since we already had the fabric the only thing we had to buy was the plywood, which was cut to size at Lowe's.

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