Filament Holder and Packing Cubes

🧵 DIY Filament Holder - CM

I received a 3D printer for Christmas that came with one spool of filament. After several prints, I was starting to run low, so I bought a couple of 1 kg spools. Unfortunately, the spool holder on the printer only fits ½ kg size. I improvised using the box the spools were shipped in and the straight portion of a plastic hanger.

Packing Cubes - MM

I took a flight for the first time in over a year. A short trip from LA to SF but it felt monumental. I’m in San Francisco for a couple of days so I packed light but I ordered a few extra packing cubes before I left. Packing cubes have changed my travel life! You can cram all your stuff into these “drawers” and it makes dealing with clothes on the road so much easier. I usually pack one extra empty one for dirty clothes. I prefer many small ones to one big one.