Clean Filters and Clean Pantry

💨 Finally Swapped Filters - MM

Living in Los Angeles there is a lot of talk about clean air. The smog and seasonal fires have made me more attuned to the AQI (Air Quality Index) than the temperature. But one thing I had only thought of occasionally was the filters in the house. We finally changed them. And by we I mean Kathryn did it. Wow… it was very gross.

🥫 Clean Out Pantry - CM

(Most of the credit goes to Sarah for this week’s project)

After dinner on Saturday, we cleaned out our pantry. We pulled nearly everything out, and checked expiration dates.

We had lots of spices that were long past their “best by” date. The most egregious was from 2009. Cooking oils are together, as are baking items, breakfast foods, and other categories. 

Then we put back what was useful in a more organized way. Cooking oils are together, as are baking items, rice and pastas, etc. It opened up a bunch of space — some of which will be used by our weekly shopping on Monday, and some will be used for other items around the kitchen that can now be “put away.”