Automating With NFCs and Reinforcing Reading

📶 Automating With NFC - CM

I’ve been trying to some basic time tracking lately, but I often forget to start or stop a timer. I heard about some cheap NFC stickers on a podcast a while ago (maybe Mac Power Users?) and have had them in a drawer for close to a year. I finally dug one out and set up an automation in Shortcuts to start a timer when I tap it with my phone.

Now it’s one simple action to start the timer; and because the sticker is visible, I forget less often.

📚 Reinforcing What You Read - MM

I recently finished the free trial of Readwise and bought a subscription for $7.99 month. Readwise takes anything I highlight in my Kindle or Pocket and adds it to a list of all my highlights and then encourages me to review the quotes each day. I do a minimum of ten but sometimes more and it’s been incredibly useful in organizing what I’m thinking about (you can tag the comments) as well as remembering and being able to to reference the quotes later.


When Curt sent his images he texted me telling me he forgot to scrub out the EXIF data, which is something we should all be aware of because it includes GPS coordinates! I hadn’t really thought of that before so I asked Curt what he normally used and he pointed me to ImageOptim on the Mac which I used to clear out all the EXIF crud. And it’s FREE!